Sew Much - "The Unique Fabric Boutique"
Sew Much offers clothing alteration services
We require all clothing coming in for alterations be clean!
If you don't see a price for what you need done call for a quote 558-5739
Pant hem (by hand)                                      $11.00
Pant hem (by machine)                                    9.00
Waist in/out                                         12.00-17.00
Waist out adding fabric                          18.00-25.00
Jean hem (keeping original hem)                      15.00
Jean hem                                                       12.00
Jean waist in                                                  15.00
Seams in                                             5.00 per seam
Remove pockets                                              15.00
Sides in                                                           10.00
Waist in/out                                           12.00-17.00
Waist out adding fabric                            18.00-25.00
Waist-Sides in lined (no pockets)                        25.00
Hem (by hand) lined                                 18.00-25.00
Hem (by machine)                                             15.00
Hem (by machine) lined                                     20.00
Shorten sleeves plain lined                                 25.00
Shorten sleeves w/vent lined                              35.00
Narrow shoulders at sleeve                                 20.00
Narrow shoulders at neck edge                            45.00
Hem                                                                  35.00
Hem w/lining                                                     40.00
Seams in                                                5.00 per seam
Seams in topstitched                               7.00 per seam
Sides in into sleeve                                              35.00
Raise shoulders into collar                                    55.00
Shorten plain sleeve                                            10.00
Shorten sleeves w/cuff                                        18.00
Shorten sleeves w/cuff moving placket                 25.00
Narrow shoulder at sleeve                                    15.00
Narrow shoulder at collar                                     25.00
Replace zipper                                           15.00 plus cost
                                                                         of zipper
Shoulder keepers                                                   8.00
Shorten straps                                              8.00-15.00